4th international theatre festival “Podmoskovnyye vechera”


The international theatre festival “Podmoskovnyye vechera” is back this year!

The 4th international theatre festival “Podmoskovnyye vechera” will be held from 23rd to 30th of November, 2012 in the Mytischi theatre of drama and comedy “FEST” (141008 Russia, MOSCOW, Mytischi, Scherbakova 6A)

Regulations on the international theatre festival “PODMOSKOVNYYE VECHERA-2012”

Both Russian and international professional drama theatres with big and small performances are welcome to participate. Theatre “FEST”, the host of the festival, has two stages, the big one with 400 seats audience hall, and the small one, with 90 seats audience hall. You can find a detailed technical layout here (link).

Both Russian and non-russian language performances can be shown at the festival. The decision on selection of performances will be made by the expert council after watching the video provided and examining the enclosed information. The video recording of performances must either be sent to the theatre on DVD (see the address above), or via internet (providing the means by which this recording can be accessed to the e-mail festival@thefest.ru). The applications must be sent until 2nd of April, 2012. The following information must be presented in order to participate:

The expenses of accommodation and meals are beared by the hosts. Traveling expenses are beared by participants.

The festival will accommodate up to 18 persons from each participating theatre. In case a participant wishes to bring more, the terms of accommodation should be additionally settled.

The tradition of the festival is that each day must end with an “actor club” where participating theatres show small sketch comedies and informal actors’ performances, the best of which will be shown at the closing ceremony gala concert. Having those in the participant theatre arsenal is a great plus.

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